2D Sample DXF Drawing

Here is a typical example of a 2D land survey. You can see that the drawing is covered with items of text. Some of the text describes the features of the land, and some of it is height levels. The text items which are in the region of 83.00 are the height levels in this case.

As you can see, the level texts are freely distributed throughout the drawing and at all sorts of rotated angles. Each level text is actually associated with a particular point on the drawing, but it is difficult to see for sure which text item goes with which point. If you look carefully, you'll see a small cross near each level text. Each cross is the actual point where the surveyor took the level when out on site.

Unfortunately, there is no constant relationship between each cross and its level text. The surveyor has moved each one so that the drawing looks better to the eye - so that the level texts do not obscure the lines and other details.

The challenge is to correctly assign each cross (or other feature) with the correct level that the surveyor intended to go with it.

Plan View 2D

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