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The pricing for TopoGX is as follows:

1st License : £499.99
Additional License : £399.99
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[+] License Delivery.

After securely entering your credit/debit card or Paypal details, your transaction will be processed in a few seconds, and your TopoGX License will be sent to the e-mail address registered with your Paypal account within 1 working day.

[+] How does the license work?

Each TopoGX License activates the Save, Print and Export options for one specific computer. Each computer generates a unique TopoGX Serial Number, and each TopoGX License is specific to the corresponding Serial Number. When you purchase a TopoGX License you will need to provide the TopoGX Serial Number from the computer that you want to license. If you want to use TopoGX on more than one computer then you need to buy a license for each computer.

[+] License transfers.

In the future event that your licensed computer is upgraded or replaced such that your existing license can no longer be used, please contact us to arrange the license transfer to the new computer.