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Purchasing online is very quick, easy and safe. However, if you need either a quotation, or to place a purchase order then click here.

Single License : £499.99 Please fill in the following details to buy 1 license.

You will need your TopoGX Serial Number.
To get your TopoGX Serial Number you need to have already downloaded and installed TopoGX.
Select the File->License TopoGX... option which will show you the TopoGX Serial Number.
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After successfully entering your credit/debit card details, your transaction will be processed in a few seconds, and your TopoGX License will be sent to you by e-mail within 1 working day.

  • Each TopoGX License activates the Save, Print and Export options for one specific PC. Each PC generates a unique TopoGX Serial Number, and each TopoGX License is specific to the corresponding Serial Number. When you purchase a TopoGX License you will need to provide the TopoGX Serial Number from the PC which you want to license. If you want to use TopoGX on more than one PC then you need to buy a license for each PC.
  • In the future event that your Licensed PC is upgraded or replaced such that your existing License can no longer be used, SoftSoft will provide you with a re-activation License upon your notification of this circumstance.

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